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My mother just spent a week at the Templeton’s rehab center after getting out of the hospital (her Independent Living facility didn’t have a rehab on site). The Templeton’s rehab is brand new–she was the first visitor in the suite. Beautiful facility, great food, and wonderful people. They took great care of my mother. She was discharged today and upon picking her up there were also magazines, puzzles, etc. that they had brought to her, someone had polished her nails, etc. They were all just so kind!~ Jodi
This is my new Home now. The staff are terrific and the apartments are the best in my honest opinion. I am just getting acquainted but so far everything is good and all of the folks living here are very friendly. Having a good time.~Rex
“Along with all of the great qualities of The Templeton, I must say the best thing about living here is the people! Guests and staff are all so friendly and kind. My husband and I love it here! ~Helga Richardson
“The best thing about living at The Templeton is that everyone is friendly, great food and great staff. ~Kathie Bell
“The best thing about living at The Templeton is that it’s the best thing I did after losing my husband. I love it so much here. The staff, the other residents, the exercise classes and the pool! There is so much to do. You can be as busy as you want. ~Jean Hetherington

The Templeton of Cary

215 Brightmore Dr.
Cary, NC 27518


Swift Creek Health Center

221 Brightmore Dr.
Cary, NC 27518