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Senior Living at it's Finest in Cary, North Carolina

Senior Actors Challenge their Minds, Bodies and Have Fun at The Templeton of Cary

December 28, 2023

Cue the footlights. Strike up the band.

Festive Christmas Cast 2023The residents of The Templeton of Cary senior living community are taking to the stage, all in an effort to exercise their minds and bodies and have fun.

The acting troupe, The Templeton Readers Theatre, was formed in a collaboration. Together, The Templeton of Cary and the Town of Cary, provides the expertise of Debra Grannan. As president of Cary Players Community Theatre, Debra has been active in theatre for more than 40 years. She is an advocate for making the arts accessible to everyone.

The Templeton Readers Theatre

The members of the group rehearses and performs under Debra guidance.

The Templeton Readers Theatre started meeting in September. Their first performance, a well-attended Halloween show. Recently, they performed their Christmas show.

Similar to a radio show, the group, which has about 16 members, reads aloud from scripts during their rehearsals and performances.

Grannan wrote scripts for both the Halloween and Christmas performances. She enjoys working with the residents.

“They are enthusiastic and eager,” she says. “There aren’t a lot of opportunities for acting when you reach a certain age, so they’ve embraced this.”

Knowing they have their scripts at hand if needed eases the worries of actors without previous stage experience.

“It’s good for actors who may be anxious about struggling with memorization,” she says.

As rehearsals have progressed she’s seen the actors’ confidence grow as they’ve discovered that it’s never too late to enjoy a new hobby.

“It’s wonderful for people to discover hidden talents,” she says.

Encouragement for Actors

She encourages the actors to be exuberant, especially during performances.

“It’s time to ham it up,” she says. “If you make it big and funny and full of life, the audience is going to love it.”

She says that residents are enjoying the experience.

“I can tell people are having a good time because, at the end of each class, people don’t want to rush out the door. They want to sit and talk a little more,” she says.

Linda Fair, a resident of The Templeton of Cary who spearheaded starting the group, agrees that the residents enjoy rehearsing. “We come together and meet for an hour, and then we go on our way. It’s a pleasure,” she says.

A study from the National Institute on Aging has shown that pursuing the creative arts, such as performing in a theater group, has numerous benefits for seniors, including keeping the mind sharp, preventing isolation, improving communication skills, and building confidence.

“It exercises your brain,” Fair notes. “You have to speak out, project your voice, and put a little excitement into it. You have to use your brain and think.”

Whether a person’s interest is in performing, painting, or any other art, Joyce Aschenbrenner, Life Enrichment Director at The Templeton of Cary, says the community offers a slate of arts programs for residents, including quilting, life story writing, painting and other classes.

“These programs stimulate their minds and promote our residents’ interactions with others,” she says. While Fair looks forward to performing for an audience, she says just meeting with the group for their rehearsals is a reward in itself. “I love seeing people come together and get to know each other,” she says. “It’s a fun group.”

The Templeton of Cary

This Senior Community is a luxury rental retirement community located on a picturesque campus in Cary, North Carolina. Named by Money Magazine as one of the “Top 50 Best Places to Live,” and lauded for proximity to world-renowned medical centers and universities. The Templeton of Cary offers independent living that supports a vibrant lifestyle for active seniors. Swift Creek Health Center is located onsite. It offers assisted living, memory support, rehabilitation, and skilled nursing care. Available to both residents of the community and surrounding area, thus providing a continuum of care for seniors.

The Templeton of Cary is owned and operated by Liberty Senior Living, LLC, a division of Liberty Healthcare Management. The Company specializes in senior living and retirement communities. To learn more about The Templeton of Cary, visit To learn more about Liberty Senior Living and the communities they offer, please visit

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