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Senior Living at it's Finest in Cary, North Carolina

Celebrating Artistry at The Templeton of Cary!

March 16, 2024

We were delighted to welcome Anne Jenkins, our third ‘Artist in Residence,’ whose stunning works adorned our walls. Ms. Jenkins, a versatile contemporary impressionist, shared insights into her creative process with 70 esteemed guests, courtesy of an introduction by our Executive Director, Krista Lemery. From acrylics to oils, watercolors to pastels, her talent knows no bounds. Come experience the beauty firsthand in our Nancy Jones Suite, where resident art rotates quarterly, adding vibrancy to every gathering and moment of relaxation.

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The Templeton of Cary

215 Brightmore Dr.
Cary, NC 27518


Swift Creek Health Center

221 Brightmore Dr.
Cary, NC 27518