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Couple Who Grew Up in an Orphanage | Celebrating Their 67th Anniversary This Year

February 12, 2024

They’ve had an ideal life together, which began under less-than-ideal circumstances.

Peggy and Billy Griffin met and grew up together at what was then called the Methodist Orphanage in Raleigh. Both had lost their fathers at early ages. Their mothers were unable to care for their young children financially.

“We met probably on his first day there. I heard there was a new boy on campus, and I noticed him really quickly. At ten years old, I was at the age where I took notice,” Peggy recalled. “He was the cutest boy on campus. The main thing was that I never thought I’d have a chance . All the girls liked him. Turns out I did have a chance after all.”

Peggy boasted that by the time she was 14, “I had him hooked. He asked if he could walk me back to my building after an event. He took my hand and walked me home. It’s been terrific ever since.”

“From the day he took my hand, I knew that one day he’d be with me for life. I knew God had sent him to me. I really believed it then and still believe it now,” Peggy recalled.

The couple dated all through high school. Both were very athletic. When Billy decided to propose to Peggy, he did so in the center of the school’s basketball court. “It was a space that was important to us,” Peggy said.

This August, the Griffins will celebrate their 67th wedding anniversary. They have two children, five grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren.

When asked what he attributes their long and happy marriage to, Billy said, “I look after her, and she looks after me.”

Peggy added that their unique upbringing in an orphanage, along with their strong faith, has led to the longevity of their marriage. “Our wedding vows said ‘in sickness and in health, and that I’d be his partner in truth. And he’s so darned easy to love and cherish. He’s kind and good, and that has never changed. He’s a wonderful husband, dad, and grandfather. He’s kind to everyone he meets. He’s a good person, and I’m very blessed.”

Billy quipped, “I’ve got her fooled!”

Peggy and Billy felt fortunate to have been a part of the orphanage. It was a caring and loving environment with many opportunities to thrive.“I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. They taught us to work hard and be good people,” said Billy.

“They taught us how to respect others. You can’t live with 300 other kids and not learn how to share. They’re good people,” said Peggy.

All these years later, Billy still reaches out to people they grew up with in the orphanage on their birthday. “They have always been like family,” he said.

The Griffins were the sixth couple to move into The Templeton of Cary senior living community in 2020. “We’d looked at a lot of places, and The Templeton hadn’t even been started. But we came and met the staff, and it didn’t take long to sell us. It would be like living in a beautiful place with a beautiful courtyard and view. It has turned out to be even more than we expected. It’s home. We both grew up in an environment where a lot of people lived together, shared with each other and cared for each other. Living at The Templeton of Cary fills an important role for Billy and me,” said Peggy.

The couple is very active in The Templeton of Cary’s fitness classes and many activities. They’re very competitive with each other. “Billy was the cornhole king until I beat him,” said Peggy. “Now I’m the cornhole queen.

Almost 80 years after they first met, the couple remains joined at the hip. “We like to be close to one another. We get teased for always holding hands,” said Peggy. “I feel safe. I need his strength. I need to know he’s always close by. We like to be with each other and do things together. And The Templeton of Cary is perfect for us at this time in our lives.”

The Templeton of Cary

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